Product Detail
Wireless industrial gateway

Wireless industrial gateway

Product model VDG01 basic function Wireless routing function, supporting lightweight edge computing capability.
Communication mode 4G/5G/WIFI communication interface Ethernet/USB
Product features The products have been widely used in financial transactions, postal transactions, smart grid, intelligent transportation, environmental protection monitoring, fire monitoring, security monitoring, wa Application scenario 4G high-speed wireless network is used as the data carrying network, high-performance 32-bit embedded processor is used, complete tcp/ip protocol stack is embedded, the latest 802.11 (g+n) is supporte

Product Features

VDL12 is an industrial 4G wireless router that integrates multiple functions such as WIFI transmission,local resource sharing, cellular mobile Internet access, precise GPS positioning, serial port pass thru transmission, and backend remote management. It provides more processing performance, richer interfaces and higher network connection speed than ordinary industrial routers. This product is suitable for different application types and scenarios, such as car WIFI, video transmission, PLC remote control,smart express cabinet, video surveillance, etc.