Remote monitoring of large industrial equipment


Through the deep integration of advanced information, communication, big data, artificial intelligence and Internet technology, Aowen technology realizes the interconnection, holographic perception, efficient analysis, intelligent control and flexible sharing of acquisition, transmission, analysis and display, and can realize the real-time matching, safety, economy, intelligent response and efficient service of large-scale industrial equipment. A series of cellular wireless data transmission equipment are specially developed for industrial manufacturing equipment and industry-specific equipment. The products comply with industrial reliability standards and industrial communication protocols, meet the requirements of large-scale industrial equipment cloud platform business applications, and have cooperated with many well-known equipment manufacturers and won customer recognition. The products are compatible with the communication protocol of industrial equipment control board by the Internet of things gateway, which can remotely monitor the operation status and fault information of industrial equipment, manage the equipment through the calculation of big data, and store, count and analyze the collected data to provide data basis for equipment managers, which are generally used for after-sales operation and maintenance management, production efficiency management, lease management of industrial equipment, etc.