Smart city facility management


The smart city facility management scheme of Aowen technology, with the independently developed Internet of things data acquisition gateway as the technical core, connects various environmental, meteorological, pressure, vibration and chemical sensors to collect, calculate and analyze their data in real time, and combines the information technology of all kinds of switch control, solenoid valve control, access control, gate control, acousto-optic control, which is highly integrated and linked, for urban street lamps, charging piles, parking access control Epidemic prevention facilities, monitoring facilities and transportation facilities provide the perception ability of the city, and make this perception more in-depth and intelligent. Then from the environmental perception, water level perception, lighting perception, urban pipe network perception, mobile payment perception, personal health perception, intelligent transportation interaction perception, etc., intelligent cities can more efficiently realize the intelligent management of municipal administration, people's livelihood, industry and other aspects. The overall scheme has been installed in batches in many provinces, such as street lamp management, parking management, greening irrigation management, ancient tree protection management, light box management, public trash can management, charging pile management and other scenes. The long-term operation of the product is stable and reliable, and the Aowen equipment management platform assists in collaborative management, which has been affirmed by the majority of front-line staff and managers.