Remote monitoring of environmental governance


The remote monitoring scheme for environmental governance of Aowen technology uses various high-precision sensors, Internet of things and big data technologies to monitor and warn the ecological conditions and governance effects of forests, grasslands, wetlands, deserts, rivers, lakes, oceans, farmland, cities and villages by collecting, reporting and analyzing data including VOCs, NOx, ozone and PM2.5 in real time, so as to provide objective data basis for environmental supervisors and enterprises. The products have been widely used in national dust monitoring of coal to electricity treatment, non road diesel engine exhaust treatment monitoring, real-time monitoring of river director system, kitchen fume emission purification monitoring, construction site dust and noise early warning monitoring and other scenes. The products have long-term stable and reliable operation, accurate and effective data collection, and have obtained the inspection exemption certification of ministerial units and the data docking of environmental treatment platforms of environmental protection departments of many provinces.